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XBLite Book Of Knowledge

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  1. Introductory Article On XBLite
  2. An XBLite Primer
  3. XBLite: the ABC
  4. XBLite: the DEF (and not dumb)
  5. Name Conventions
  6. Coding Functions
  7. My good practices
  8. What is a Well-commented Program?
  9. XBLite Idioms part 1
  10. XBLite Idioms part 2
  11. viXen: An XBLite GUI Generator
  12. What About Brain Teasers?
  13. Quiz # 1: Computer plays the guessing game
  14. Quiz # 2: Computer plays the computing game
  15. Quiz # 3: Computer presents my Season's Greetings
  16. Quiz # 4: Computer controls a candy machine
  17. Quiz # 5: Computer formats comments
  18. Quiz # 6: Re-factoring with viXen
  19. Quiz # 7: Designing an About Box with viXen
  20. Quiz # 8: Designing a WinX GUI Application with viXen
  21. Quiz # 9: Coding a programming tool as a WinX GUI Application
  22. Quiz #10: Draw a chart of HTML color names
  23. Quiz #11: Coding in XBLite a general-purpose routine
  24. About me
  25. Download my freewares

Why yet another website?

My favorite programming language at the time is XBLite, a free and open-source programming language for developing Windows® applications. I have such a good time developing small applications for my own use that I decided to share my pleasure with the W3Community. And I realized: Sharing multiplies what is shared! At least in W3Land...

Nowadays, I can't do programming work without lurking first in W3Land in search of bits of programming wisdom. This site is my way to thank back a generous community.

What is all this fuss with XBLite?

With XBLite, you have an entire workbench:

Since I am heavily involved in viXen's development (in XBLite), I thought of sharing my programming experience in:

Enjoy the site!

Guy Lonné


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On the light side

The Hello World Collection
Hello World has been implemented in just about every programming language on the planet. This collection includes 383 Hello World programs in many more-or-less well known programming languages, plus 60 human languages:
Website "99 Bottles of Beer"
offers the 99 Bottles of Beer lyrics and source codes of computer programs generating the song text in more than "1057 variations" of programming languages, Delphi, Turbo C... and XBLite: